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Membership Category

There are 3 categories of “LN Club” membership, including LN Card Member, Silver Card Member and Gold Card Member.

 “LN Club” Points accumulation would start as soon as your membership is effective. Members can earn Reward Points and Growth Credit through any eligible consumptions on hotel accommodation, food and beverage (F&B) and social event. Accumulation of reward points are subject to the billing system amount paid by the member. Generally, Reward points would be added to the member’s account automatically within 5 working days after the transaction. Members may log onto their member’s account at our official website www.Lnclub.com, WeChat official account LNJDGL to check their “LN Club” reward points and growth credits balances and related transaction details.

Valid evaluation year: A valid evaluation year refers to a period of 12 consecutive months calculated from the date when a member joins the “LN Club” membership program.

 (I) Membership Upgrade

Members of LN Card and Silver Card can be upgraded to the category when a certain amount of Growth Credit earned in a valid evaluation year. Once your membership is upgraded, all the accumulated growth credits on your account under the previous categories of membership would be deducted immediately. Growth credits would be reset and accumulation would be started again from the first day of the new membership categories effective.

Categories     Growth credits

LN Card           2999 below

Silver Card       3000 - 29999

Gold Card        30000 or above

 (II) Membership Category maintenance

The membership Category of Silver Card and Gold Card member can be maintained if they reach the required growth credits for the corresponding category within a valid evaluation year.

 (III) Membership Downgrade 

1. If the members of Silver Card and Gold Card fail to reach the required growth credits of corresponding category within a valid evaluation year, they will be downgraded to the category corresponding to the annual growth credit of the member. The lowest membership category is LN Card.

2. LN Card will not be downgraded, and the membership has no expiration.

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