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Dong Fang International Convention & Exhibition Center

Golden Hall occupies an area of 3026m2. It alone can accommodates a cocktail party with 2000 persons, 160 round tables dinner with 12 seats each, a conference for 2500 persons or an exhibition with 200 standard display booths. It also can be separated into four independent halls.  The Golden Hall is equipped with professional light-adjusting system, movable stage and dress room.

Dong Fang International Exhibition Center  covers an area of 8,000 square meters, which includes a Golden Hall with an area of 3, 026 square meters and 20 or so medium and small sized meeting rooms and green lounge. It, the largest inner exhibition hall in hotel, is equipped with the professional exhibition facilities, advanced audio-visual equipment and modern communication system, where not only can hold 170 tables for large banquets and large meetings with 2500 people, but also can hold the commodity exhibition, news release, performance, large celebration and etc. Moreover, the Golden Hall can be separated into four halls for need.


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